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10 Important Decisions You should make before turning 30

Some people tend to reduce their ages as they get older because they don’t want to be seen as failures for not having a certain degree of accomplishment as those in their age brackets. To avoid a situation where you’d have to lie about your age just to feel better, here are 10 decisions you should consider making before turning 30:

1. Have a Career plan

The 20s are years of exploration of career interests and opportunities. This means everyone has their 20s dedicated to trying to figure out what path is more suitable and profitable for them. Therefore, you ought to decide which path will meet your various needs before turning 30.

2. Finding a life partner

This is not for everyone but for people who are looking forward to settling down and building a family someday. From the moment you become an adult, you should cultivate the habit of being intentional about finding a life partner. Some people only realize how hard it is to get one when they’ve succeeded in other aspects of their lives only to realize that none of that matters without someone to share it with. Having this at the back of your mind while you are in your 20s will help you to get a suitable partner to settle down with when you’re ready. Remember that your choice of a partner is a significant factor that affects how good or bad every other thing in your life will turn out.

3. Save for retirement

One thing I have realized is that most of the people earning a pension in Cameroon are retired civil servants and people who’ve served in reputable companies for long before going on retirement. This means their retirement fund was being deducted from their salaries before being sent to their bank accounts. What about those who do not have a steady source of income? You might ask. Whether you’re a civil servant, an employee in the private sector or self-employed, if you do not sacrifice a certain level of present comfort to save for the future, you’d become a liability to yourself, your family and your community in your old age. Thus, you should have a clear saving plan before you turn 30. Also, you should learn how to save efficiently by reading THIS article.

4. Take care of your health

There’s a tendency of being careless about health-related issues while younger. Did you know that at 30 you’re not exactly young anymore? As such, failure to take responsibility for your health can keep you down and limit you from carrying out simple everyday tasks. Knowing this early enough will keep you alert in your earlier years and when you’re 30, you won’t find any problem taking care of your health. Decide to adopt a healthy lifestyle to increase your lifespan.

5. Discover your Passions

As mentioned earlier, the 20s are for the exploration of interests, hobbies and passions. It’s the time when you can afford to make mistakes and recover from them with minimal negative effects. Use this time judiciously to find out what you’re passionate about, what makes you happy and what you can do for the rest of your life without ever getting bored. This sets the tone for your later years as you would have figured out how best to live life before turning 30 which is a pivotal age for self-actualization.

6. Learn foundational skills

No one wants to hang around a 30-year-old who barely listens when being spoken to; or someone who picks fights with everyone that sees things differently from them, or someone who doesn’t know how to communicate their needs and wants without causing rifts. Listening non-judgmentally, disagreeing respectfully and asking for what you deserve politely. Knowing how to clearly communicate your expectations and needs are very important skills to have before you turn 30. Make it a point to be conscious of this fact, or else you’d spend the rest of your life being miserable in the face of circumstances where these skills are needed which happens to be very often.

7. Be open to pursuing many paths

People in their early adult years tend to want to become one thing and to them, it’s either that particular thing or nothing. I recently came across a challenge on social media whereby people comically expressed the huge difference between what they had planned to do while growing up and what they finally became. Most people thought they had it all figured out until reality hit them and they had to face life the way it came. Have a focus, but be flexible enough to make adjustments where need be.

8. Build yourself a strong network

The importance of the right circle of friends cannot be overemphasized. One thing you should look out for as you approach your 30s is making sure to build good relationships and carry them along. It’s no news that some people come into your life in the guise of friendship only to drain you and never contribute anything to your progress. If you find yourself constantly being taken advantage of by such people then you need to check the kind of company you keep. Get acquainted with and build solid relationships with people who add value to your life. Good relationships are beneficial in the short run and in the long run. Do not minimize this aspect as you approach the 3rd decade of your life.

9. Learn money management skills.

Some people are fortunate to build for themselves a business or a job that gives them a steady income while still in their 20s. One thing that is crucial but is not taught in regular schools is financial literacy which is the ability to manage one’s money. Making money is good but without good money management skills, you’ll work the money but never achieve anything tangible as you will most likely spend on less important things. Here are 10 things you should stop wasting money on . As you set out to build a good financial stance for yourself, make it a point to get yourself some financial education. Learn in your 20s so that you can earn in your 30s.

10. Practice good habits

Young people in their 20s are generally known to be carefree and more relaxed and they begin to form habits that have negative consequences both in the short run and in the long run. Habits such as smoking, excessive drinking and consumption of harmful drugs should not be on your agenda if you’re tilting towards your 30s. Rather cultivate healthy habits such as healthy eating, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and generally taking care of yourself to stay healthy and fit.

We hope that these points will guide you in making adjustments where necessary so that your 30s and later years will be fulfilling. If you’re anywhere close to 30, let us know in the comments, the decisions you’re already making. If this is your first time reading from us, please SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more enriching and educative content.

Until next time, BESTech remains your best bet.

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