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10 Signs of a LOW VALUE Man

When we think of the words “low” or “high value” we often think about someone’s net worth. Value in this context refers to sum total of someone’s qualities and habits. It’s not about the inherent value of a human being or human life. There are certain behaviors that make a person of high or low value. In a previous post, we covered 10 Signs of a Low Value woman. This time, we’ll be doing the same for men. You may have some of the habits or qualities outlined here. It’s up to you to sincerely evaluate yourself and see how you can become better. For the ladies, you can use these to determine whether it’s worth being in a relationship with a potential partner or suitor. You could also share these with your male siblings and friends to edify them. That being said here are 10 Signs of a Low Value man:

1. He Lacks Purpose

There’s a story of a guy who dated a lady for 10 years and he ended up not marrying her. He later on dated another lady for 10 more years and still didn’t marry her. Can you imagine that? There seems to be some consistency in what he’s doing, but what about the ladies? Why would you be dating someone for 10 years? Are you studying medicine? That’s clearly a man who lacks a purpose for his life or at least for the relationship. It’s the men who always have dreams of becoming a millionaire, yet they’ve not taken any action. All they have to show are their “million dollar ideas” and ambitions.

2. He is hot-tempered

It’s natural for us to lose our patience occasionally. However, if that consistently happens in almost any circumstance then that’s a warning sign of a low value man. He gets mad and insults drivers on the road. He blows off when someone mistakenly steps in front on him at a grocery store. If he flies off the handle at every little comment, then he has issues. That’s unhealthy and it could lead to physical abuse.

3. He is extremely needy

There’s nothing wrong with being needy from time to time but being overly needy shows insecurity. It could also be a sign of low self-esteem. This doesn’t just happen with a man who is struggling financially. A man could be well to do but still show neediness simply because he feels undeserving of what he has. Such a man constantly craves for validation. He demands to be respected. A person worthy of respect doesn’t need to often ask for it. Being needy is a sure way to drive people away. We naturally want those who don’t need us. It sets the stage for desire to develop in a relationship.

4. He lacks Discipline

Without self-discipline, you really can’t achieve anything in life. If it’s too hard for a man to be disciplined then he’s probably a low value man. He may be disciplined occasionally but it doesn’t last long-term. It’s the man who decides to start going to the gym twice a week and gives up after a couple of days. It’s the man who starts a project and stops at the first obstacle. Disciplining yourself to follow through on tasks or projects is difficult but it’s certainly worth it.

5. He plays the Victim

This is typical of a low value man. He’s always the victim. It’s never his fault. He could use it to manipulate his way into getting power, pity, compassion, love or any other thing. If he gets fired, then it’s because the boss is mean. If he can’t seem to find a partner, it’s because women are so shallow. It never crosses his mind that it’s probably because he’s overweight. Noooo! It must be someone else’s fault. Always playing the victim and not taking responsibility for one’s own circumstances is a disaster waiting to happen.

6. He’s greedy and has a poverty mindset

There’s a difference between being poor and having a poverty mindset. You can be rich and yet have a poverty mindset. Such a man is full of greed, he’s never satisfied with what he has. He believes that life is a zero sum game, for one person to win, another person must lose. In this state of poverty, a low value man will blame others for it. He’s poor because the rich and wealthy stole from the poor, or because the economy is bad, or due to poor government policies. Life is not a zero sum game. We can all win at life. There’s no limit to wealth. Sharing is caring. You can’t expect to receive if you don’t give.

7. He’s a Bully

Bullies tend to pick on those who are weaker than them. In a way it makes them feel superior; it masks their inferiority complex. It just shows how weak the man is. Bullying always creates more problems than necessary. It often also ends up in physical abuse. You definitely not want to be involved with such an individual.

8. He’s extremely lazy

It’s healthy to take breaks while working. Too many breaks however is a mark of laziness. Do your 10 min breaks turn into 1 hour breaks? Taking frequent breaks will only lead to failure and misery. Procrastination is their favorite habit. “Tomorrow” is their best word. It’s the man who keeps saying that he will start tomorrow. The sad reality is that tomorrow never arrives though it’s always coming.

9. He feels entitled

I once wrote an article about the dangers of entitlement which I suggest you check out here. Basically, such a man feels inherently deserving of special privileges. He’s the person who expects people to roll out a carpet for him everywhere he goes. He thinks that acts of service from his partner shouldn’t be appreciated because it’s normal for her to do them. He’s the person who expects to get a pay raise just because he’s getting married. Entitlement often leads to complacency and eventually the loss of relationships.

10. He is abusive

It’s really amazing to see women put up with a man who hits them. This is one of the most dangerous traits on this list as it often leads to someone getting hurt physically. The truth is that you can tell if a man will likely be abusive in marriage by how he treats you before. Such a man is often controlling. He’s unusually hot-tempered and often hits on objects. What’s to say that he won’t hit you next? If you cherish your life, then avoid such men.

Those were 10 signs of a low value man. What do you think? There are probably other signs which we haven’t mentioned. Hope this list serves as a means of introspection and self-evaluation. It’s a wakeup call for us to be aware of some of these tendencies that we may have and deal with them. Hope you were enriched. Please share to bless someone else too. Also do SUBSCRIBE to our blog for more enriching content. Thank you for reading and until next time, BESTech remains your Best bet.

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