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10 Signs of a LOW VALUE Woman

Women are most often judged by their looks and character traits than men in our society today. Though there is no standard way of judging someone’s behavior, some ladies portray characteristics which can be viewed as low value. A woman of value has self-confidence, high self-esteem and establishes healthy boundaries to avoid being disrespected. Every man’s dream is to be with a woman who respects him and supports his vision. A woman who understands him in an out and who can give him treasured advise when it comes to decision making. In addition, It is very necessary for women to be conscious of these character traits which makes others judge them negatively so as to improve on themselves and be a better version of themselves. In this article, we will be guiding you through 10 signs of a low value woman:

1 . She lacks Ambition

Unambitious women have no purpose or wish to succeed in life. They never search for opportunities and even when such opportunities are presented to them, they are unable to grab them. Low value women have no plans for their lives and will rely on men for everything. They do not strive to enhance their intellectual capacities or improve on their skills .

2 . She is Lazy

A lazy woman normally has greater recreation time than work time; she procrastinates a lot and waits till the dying minute to execute tasks. She is often too busy and has an addiction of leaving work unfinished. This kind of woman will be very disorganized. If browsing social media, watching television, taking part in games, sleeping, chit-chats characterize a woman’s day it is a sign of laziness. Unless a man is ready to take all financial and family responsibilities, it is better to avoid such a woman. Similarly, if a woman wishes to live a happier and healthier life she should strive to be more active and hardworking.

3 . She is Uneducated or Unskilled

In addition, a low value woman is one with no form of education be it formal or informal. She is not ready to learn anything new or to improve on her skills and all she bothers about is having fun and consuming what others have worked hard to acquire. Such women are very financially dependent and will stop at nothing to drain anyone who is too kind to offer them a helping hand. They are usually very materialistic and self-centered.

4. She is Exploitative

Low value women are generally very exploitative towards their husbands or male friends. Such ladies feel entitled and will stop at nothing to enjoy advantages they have not labored for. They are constantly controlling other people’s finances; they misuse money and spend without calculating. Some go as far as stealing other’s belongings, destroying valuables and will refuse to make financial contributions or help joint family ventures.

5 . She is Insecure

According to research, women have a tendency to feel insecure with their physical looks, relationships and intelligence. Insecure women continuously seek validation or compliments. They have a feeling of inferiority complex and exercise clingy behaviors .They are jealous, overly controlling and will stop at nothing to control your relationships, friendships and social interactions.

6. She EASILY Loves and gets Attached

The feeling of falling in love is great and exciting however the hassle lies when a woman falls in love so desperately that she attaches herself easily to guys she barely even knows. If she becomes too anxious and insecure barely weeks or months after a meeting, she is definitely not very valuable. Such women often get exploited or assaulted. Women of value are very rational and think before acting.

7. She is Jealous

A woman who gets jealous when other women approach her spouse to the extent of quarrelling and causing fights is probably a low value woman. Everyone has the right to be jealous, but it must be controlled. If every word exchanged with a person of the opposite sex causes a monstrous argument, it will not get better with time. A woman of value should not be possessive or irrational. If you don't give her a reason to distrust you, she should be able to handle the fact that you have a life outside your relationship.

8. Nags and Complains Uncontrollably

A woman who gets fussy about your appearance, your public behavior, your sense of humor or who nags at everything you do will make life difficult for anyone around her. These acts reflect women who do not respect others’ opinions and wishes and will do everything to impose what they want on others. Generally low value women complain about everything and everyone around them and never accept their faults.

9. Difficult to Please and constantly Compares with Others

Some ladies whine due to their egocentric nature whereas some just want to seek attention. Social media has made some women doubt their worth because they constantly compare their progress and achievements with what they see others publish. Such behaviors of comparing and complaining has led many women to depression.

10. She is Rude and Unruly

The first characteristic about impolite and unruly women is that they come up with insults, mockery and negative remarks at every given opportunity. Their rudeness is arduous and will become like a virus that batters down your immune system. It’s not worth it being with anyone with such toxic behavior.

A high-value woman knows her worth and exudes an energy that goes past the physical appearance. She is cautious about who she lets in into her life. Though evaluating someone’s value can be subjective, there are however general rules on evaluating it as explained above.

We hope you learnt something new. Please share with us your thoughts on the subject in the comments. Also, do SUBSCRIBE to our blog for more enriching content. Thank you for reading and until next time Best remains your Best Bet

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