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10 Tips to Successfully Get Scholarships

Scholarships are great; the thought of bagging that degree while some other person covers the expenses is priceless and an extra motivation to study harder. While some are enjoying that privilege already, others are in a struggle on how to get scholarships. Well, here are 10 tips to help you through the process.

1. Search for scholarships

There are tens of thousands of scholarships out there but you will have to find them before applying. You can start your search locally as well as sign up to platforms that publish scholarships. Scholarships for development and World Scholarship Forum are examples of such platforms.

2. Provide Answers to all questions

As much as it is tempting to answer only the questions that are marked required, do not give into that urge. Provide answers to all the questions; do not leave any question blank. Using simple English is a plus while crafting your responses. Use full sentences and allow your personality and passions to come forward rather than bullet points.

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3. Check for eligibility before applying

It is important to read the scholarship detail before even starting the application process. Make sure you are eligible before applying. Check age range, country/zone specifications, minimum grade, area of studies, gender and other parameters that the scholarship provides as eligibility criteria. You don’t want to waste time applying for a scholarship that you’re not eligible for. For more information on how to search and apply for scholarships, watch THIS video.

4. Write a Killer Essay

This is almost like the common denominator for all scholarships. It presents you an opportunity to shine, make it personal and specific. Bring your experience to life, make it monumental with concrete and truthful details, and do not forget to proofread one extra time right before submission.

5. Clean up your Public Social Media

Some scholarships actually ask for links to your social media accounts. Although most at times it is kept open for the applicant to choose whether they want to provide this information. Scholarship committees can use your social media info for vetting. Make sure your accounts don’t bite you on the leg.

6. Check your Spam folder

When you apply for scholarships, always be on the lookout because candidates usually get notified by emails. Mails carrying your good news maybe spammed, so always be on the lookout. Google spams mails that look like mails that have been spammed before and the response to your application could be one of them.

7. Stick to Deadlines

The key to sticking to deadlines is not to work very close to deadlines. Set personal deadlines that are not close to the application's deadline. There are usually steps in the application process that are not as easy as it may seem. Keeping to tight personal deadlines will help you to clear them out, and to avoid rushing the application process.

8. Complete the application in full

Some people start an application only to leave it half way hoping that they will be given special considerations while others do not finish it out of negligence. Not completing your application would definitely get you disqualified. Applications usually come in two parts, the first which has to do with your personal profile and the second which is the application proper. Finishing one part does not suffice for the other.

9. Use another Pair of Eyes

Family and friends can come in very handy when it comes to applying for scholarships. It is always advisable to have another set of eyes read any write up so that typographical errors and other little mistakes can be corrected. They can help you to determine whether your write-ups are boring or repetitive. Thus do not undermine this phase no matter how secretive you want to be.

10. Don’t Despair

To be very honest, it is rare but not impossible to see someone get accepted for their first trial for a scholarship. If you face some rejection, do not despair, keep applying, and keep exploring other options. Also join communities like the BESTech Community where you can have more professional guidance throughout your scholarship process.


11. Ask for help

Some scholarship processes are complex. If you do not understand the application process do well to write to the scholarship office for help. You can also leverage help from those who have gone through that route before.

We hope these tips were informative enough to guide you through your next scholarship application. If you have other tips that have worked for you please do well to share in the comment section. Our community will be forever grateful to you. Meanwhile, please do SUBSCRIBE to our blog for more enriching content. Thank you for reading and until next time, BESTech remains your Your Best Bet.

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