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5 FALSE Purposes You Need to Avoid

When purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable – Myles Munroe

A life lived without purpose is a life wasted. Without purpose, we’re barely existing. Without purpose, life is meaningless. Finding one’s purpose is a lifelong journey. It doesn’t just happen by chance. It often takes a lot of experimentation. We all desire transcendence; we all desire to live a life that matters. The problem comes when humans want to fast forward the process of purpose discovery. In trying to make meaning of their lives, they build false purposes for themselves. Pursuing a false purpose is as useless as not having one. True purpose comes from within. You may be currently pursuing a false purpose without knowing it. In this article, we’ll share 5 of the most common false purposes that distract people from the real deal. Knowing these will transform your life and possibly put you on the right path to discovery your true purpose.

1. Pursuing Pleasure

Most people hate their jobs and will do anything to get pleasure outside work hours. It’s healthy to indulge in pleasures on occasion. However, overstimulation leads to a negative cycle. Some of the common pleasures people pursue include entertainment, smoking, sex, depressants, stimulants, gambling, just to name a few. The problem with focusing on pleasure is the diminishing returns. The more you enjoy these pleasures, the less satisfaction they provide. Consequently, we begin to desire more and more of simulation thus leading to addiction. At this point, you’re completely under the control of these pleasures. Life is difficult and often people use these pleasures as distractions from their problems. No amount of pleasure will change what’s wrong in your life. To avoid becoming an addict to pleasure, indulge in healthy doses of it by limiting yourself and having fewer but deeper experiences.

2. Cults and Causes

Our nature is that of faith. We all desire to strongly believe in something even if it isn’t beneficial to us. Without a strong belief system on wholesome matters, people will then be attracted to all sorts of causes and cults. Take for instance the current feminist movement which keeps pushing the 50/50 agenda into marriage. The original feminist movement was about equality in the workplace and had nothing to do with marriage. However, people just keep running with this fake movement about marriage being 50/50. The truth is that we tend to support things that validate our beliefs and experiences. Another thing is that such causes and cults give people a platform to vent their frustrations and channel their anger. Belonging to such cults makes us feel special; like the chosen few who have inside information that others don’t.

That’s all fake though; just a distraction. The sad part is that some people tend to take advantage of these behaviors to push their own selfish agendas by manipulating others into blindly following them. They use large gatherings to spread the feelings through contagion.

It is worth noting that causes in themselves aren’t bad; It’s the agenda that makes them good or bad. A cause can be aimed at solving a genuine problem, for instance, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil rights movement was worth fighting for.

3. Money, Status, and Success

This is one of the biggest traps in life that most people fall into. These people are always looking for ways to make money fast. They’re those who constantly run after shiny objects or the next fad or switch from one business idea to another just because of how successful other people are in them. These people never pursue what they actually want to do. There are people who do get the money, status and fame they desire after pursuing these yet there is an emptiness. It is no wonder that rich people commit suicide. Money, status, or success are not purposes but usually the outcome of pursuing an actual purpose which impacts the lives of others.

If you pursue money and get it, now what? You won’t be satisfied by what you have and you’ll keep finding others ways to make more money without even enjoying what you already have. You may end up falling for investment scams or doing something unethical just to make more money. If you just desire to have more money, more will never be enough. There will always be someone richer, more famous and more successful than you. It’s an exhausting path to take. Most of the richest men in the world were not pursuing riches. A good example is the late Steve Jobs. He’s main desire was to create the most beautiful, sleekest, and original designs. He cared so little about possession. Because of his results, money, fame, and success followed him. Focus on your true purpose and success will come to you.

4. Fame and Attention

Everyone wants to be an influencer these days. The most popular job among youths of this generation is “YouTuber”. This is according to a survey conducted by First Choice with a 1000 kids and teens aged 6 – 17. The results showed that one in 25 children wanted to be models while one in six wanted to be pop stars. Over a third of them wanted to be YouTubers. What happened to traditional career paths such as lawyers, teachers, engineers, or accountants…? The world needs more engineers, accountants, doctors, or teachers much more than influencers. Not everyone can be an influencer. Not everyone was meant to be an influencer.

People pursue attention and fame because it makes them feel important. We’ve become largely depending on the dopamine rush gotten from social media attention. It’s all about getting those likes, comments, followers or subscribers. If you post a photo and likes don’t start coming in immediately, anxiety kicks in. It’s like you’ve done something wrong, or maybe you’re not good enough. This social media validation gives us a false sense of purpose, a false sense of importance.

If I have half a million followers and you only have 1000, I must be better than you right?? Not necessarily. You won’t imagine the lengths people go to just to take Instagram pictures in the hopes that they will go viral. People have travelled to places and tried taking pictures in very dangerous positions that have led to their deaths. According to BBC, 259 people died between 2011 and 2017 while trying to take such extreme Instagram photos. What is this madness about?? Is it really worth it?? ... Fame and attention are a by product of the value you deliver. Running after fame is like the old cliché: Putting the cart before the horse. Rather invest your time in offering real value and the rest will follow.

5. Cynicism

While some people pursue false purposes, others don’t pursue anything at all. This is better captured in the words of Nietzche:

“Man would rather have the void as purpose than be void of purpose.”

Cynicism is essentially believing that life is meaningless and thus void of purpose. The logic follows that if life is meaningless, then there’s no point pursuing anything. Cynics also believe that people are motivated entirely by self-interest. Given the current state of affairs, it is easy to see why people will be inclined to such beliefs.

Some of these beliefs include: All governments and politicians are corrupt, life is meaningless and random, everything is relative, people become successful by gaming the system, everyone has selfish motives just to name a few. According to cynics, it’s better to accept these ugly truths and remain skeptical. They generally display an attitude of not caring about what happens. However, that’s just an appearance; behind that lies someone who’s afraid of trying and failing. Someone scared of taking the risk and being ridiculed. It’s just pure laziness. Such people hide their lack of accomplishments behind those beliefs.

There is a meaning to life. There are true purposes worth pursuing and several examples of great men and women who have done so before us. It is true that we live in a broken world and the above beliefs have some truth to it but that’s not all there is. There is more to life that’s beautiful and awe inspiring. While there is evil, there’s also good; like the Yin and Yang, coexisting in the same space.

Thank you for reading and we hope you were inspired to seek true purpose. If you were trapped in one of the above paradigms, it’s time for a change. Please do share this with your family and friends too. Also SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more enriching content. Until next time, BESTech remains your BEST bet.

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