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5 Tips to Choose the RIGHT Degree, Program or Major for YOU

Have you just graduated from high school, and you're finding it difficult to choose what to study in the university?

Are you contemplating going with your parents choice of a major since they have tried convincing you that it'll be a good fit?

Are you currently studying a degree program that you don't see yourself practicing in the future?

Wherever you find yourself, relax because we are here to help you with the numerous questions.

Choosing a university major has never been an easy task. That's why many students choose one thing now and later change their mind when they discover that it's not really what they want. There are those who stick with their first choice but always find difficulties fitting in the job market in their field of studies.

This means there is more to choosing a degree than just what you think you like.

Here are some points to consider when making this important decision.


Start by writing down everything you like, everything that is important to you(values), what you're good at and what you enjoy doing. Do not be bothered about the number of things that come to your mind, just let your mind wander as you put down everything without any reservations. You don't need to have any career in mind as you do this. Remember, you're still looking for where you'll fit.

When you're done writing everything down, separate what you like from what you are good at. Liking something and being good at something are two different things entirely, so you have to be completely honest with yourself. You might consider seeking help from someone whose opinion you value.


Making an important decision like this one certainly requires enough time to think things through. Some students only think about university when they have graduated from high school. It is important to note that the time from when you graduate high school till the time you gain admission into the university is not enough to make this decision. This is the time to prepare everything else you need for university life. It is therefore important to think about university while still in high school. This not only helps you to make the right choice when the time comes, it also helps you to focus more on your studies.


When it comes to choosing a major, you are likely to make the wrong choice if you depend solely on your own knowledge.

Enrolling into the university is a whole new journey for any freshman. The only way to know the right track is to seek counsel from the right people. "Who are the right people?" You might ask. One person who is well placed to guide you on this path is a guidance counselor. They have been trained to do so. Your parents might have their own advice, so may your friends, but a guidance counselor is more experienced to help you to make the right choice. You could also get advice from professionals in your fields of interest; they can give you an idea of what to expect in a specific profession. Take every advice from family or friends with a grain of salt. In the end the decision is yours to make.


When you succeed to figure out what majors align with your interests and abilities, seek to know the reality of what you intend to study. Seek to know the current demand for what you wish to study and whether your services will be needed and paid for in say a decade to come after you must have graduated. Thus, do not follow passion if it won't put food on your table. Doing a reality check also means taking into consideration your vision of a comfortable and fulfilled life, for example, whether you would prefer spending extra hours at work to make your family comfortable or being home with them as early as possible to bond as a family. Having this in mind will help you choose your path accordingly.


Many students tend to change their major at least once before they graduate from the university. This might seem like a waste of time, but it saves them the stress of sticking with something that they are not passionate about or maybe not so good at. Jumping between majors could be without any doubt a waste of time, but making a well reflected smart change is better than sticking with a bad fit.

In a nutshell, choosing a major should be based on these three factors combined:

1. What you're good at

2. What you're passionate about (what you care about now and will care about forever)

3. What people will pay you to do.

This means that:

Your major should be something you're good at, something you're passionate about and something that you would be paid to do.

If you're passionate about something, good at it, but you won't be paid to do it, just be a fan. Don't waste time and resources studying it

If you're good at something and people will pay you to do it, but you're not passionate about it, just let it be a hobby.

Thanks for reading and we hope this helps you to choose a suitable major to have a fulfilled career. If you need coaching from us to make that choice, please sign up below.

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