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How Many Triangles are there in this Image?

Updated: Mar 21

How many triangles are in the above image?? How many were you able to find? At first glance it looks simple but it's tricky. Your best bet will be to divide the triangle into 3 equal triangles( each triangle is formed by connecting an outer side to the center). Then count the number of triangles in each part. Next count the triangles when taking 2 or more parts together. This will give the following:

Number of triangles in one part: 3(overlapping) +4(non overlapping) = 7 * 3 = 21

Number of triangles when taking 2 parts together: 8 = 8 * 3 = 24

Number of triangles taking all 3 parts together: 2

This gives a total of: 21+24+2= 47 triangles.

Did you get 47?? Do you think that's it?? Well there's a detail you missed. The question says: HOW MANY TRIANGLES ARE THERE IN THIS IMAGE? You have to consider the whole image. The sentence: "HOW MANY TRIANGLES ARE IN THIS IMAGE?", being part of the image contains the letter "A". The top part of letter "A" is a triangle! Which means you also have to count those as triangles. There are 4 "A"s in it, so 4 more triangles.

That must be it right?? Not so fast. If you look again carefully, you'll see: @bestechone4all. Look at the number "4"; the top part right there is a triangle too! There are two @bestechone4all so that makes 2 more triangles

Therefore the Answer is: 47 + 4 (number of "A"s) + 2(number of "4"s) = 53 triangles.

Answer = 53 triangles

If you figured out this trick then you're a genius! Good job if you found 47; you just needed to push a little further; to think out of the box.

I'm sure you enjoyed this challenge. Why not share with your friends to challenge them too!? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments. Until next time, remain blessed!

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