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How to Have a Successful First Date

Once upon a time in a bustling city, there lived a man named James. James was a handsome and charming fellow with a heart full of hope and a wallet full of cash. He was in search of love, and he believed that spending money on romantic dates would be the key to finding one.

James was no stranger to the world of online dating. He had profiles on multiple dating apps and was swiping right on every potential match that came his way. His enthusiasm for finding love knew no bounds, and he was willing to spare no expense to impress his dates.

ow to Have a Successful First Date

His first date was with Sarah, a striking woman he had met on a dating app. James booked a reservation at an upscale restaurant, ordered expensive wines, and even hired a violinist to serenade them during dinner. But as the night progressed, James realized that Sarah was more interested in her phone than in him. She barely looked up from her screen, and their conversation was stilted. Despite the grandeur of the evening, Sarah made it clear that there would be no second date. How to Have a Successful First Date

Undeterred, James moved on to his next prospect, Emily. For their date, he arranged a hot air balloon ride at sunrise, followed by a lavish brunch at a five-star hotel. It seemed like a perfect plan to make a lasting impression, but Emily feared heights. She spent most of the balloon ride clutching the side of the basket with her eyes closed, and the brunch was a quiet affair as Emily struggled to recover from her anxiety. How to Have a Successful First Date

Their date ended with a polite goodbye, and James returned home feeling deflated. The next day, he found himself on yet another date, this time with Jessica. He took her to an art gallery and purchased an expensive painting on a whim, hoping it would win her heart. Jessica appreciated the gesture, but her true passion was sports, and she felt utterly out of place at the art gallery.

James continued this pattern of extravagant dates with more women, spending an exorbitant amount of money along the way. Each date was a unique experience, but none of them led to a connection. His savings dwindled, and his credit card bills began to mount. How to Have a Successful First Date

Most people have had a similar experience to James with dating. Dating is becoming harder financially and emotionally. According to Match’s 12th annual report released in 2022, singles spend 40% more on dating compared to 10 years ago. Most men tend to complain about how expensive going on dates has become since men generally pay for dates. Imagine having to spend money and time on multiple dates without knowing whether something positive will come out of it. It’s discouraging to spend that much with nothing to show for it. Women also deal with the emotional stress of having to entertain several dates with men who have impure intentions. Going through that many unpleasant experiences inevitably leads to dating fatigue. Singles who experience such tend to be discouraged about dating in general.

How to Have a Successful First Date

What can be done about this? To stop dating altogether won’t solve the problem because you won’t be able to find the partner you desire without putting yourself out there. The key is to focus on quality over quantity. You shouldn’t just go on a date with any and every prospect. Before going on a first date with someone, you need to ascertain whether there is a connection worth exploring. Start by having conversations with this person via voice and video calls. Those initial conversations should be to see if you flow well together and have similar values. At this point, you can already tell whether this is going somewhere or it’s just a dead end and you shouldn’t even border going out. With this approach, you only go on dates that are worth it thus maximizing your time and resources.

Eventually, James realized that love couldn't be bought with lavish dates and extravagant gestures. He needed to connect with someone on a deeper level, beyond the allure of material possessions. So, he decided to take a step back from the dating scene, focus on self-discovery, and learn to appreciate the simpler joys of life. How to Have a Successful First Date

Over time, James found himself exploring his passions and hobbies, and as he did, he met someone who shared his interests and values. Their connection grew naturally, and James realized that love couldn't be measured in dollars and cents. It was about finding someone who truly understood and appreciated him for who he was, not how much he could spend.

How to Have a Successful First Date

In the end, James learned that the path to love was not through extravagant gestures, but through authenticity and a genuine connection. He was no longer defined by the money he spent but by the depth of his relationships. And with that newfound wisdom, he embarked on a love story that would prove to be the most valuable of all.

Like James, you can find a suitable partner by focusing on building a connection. Don’t be hasty to go out on dates with just anyone. Take time and talk with them first at a distance to see if there’s a connection. If you’re unable to converse smoothly with someone on the phone, then there’s no point in meeting in person.

We hope you were enriched through this piece, and you’re encouraged to put yourself out there for the right person. Please do share with your contacts to bless them too. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more content on love, relationships, and marriage. Thank you for reading and see you at the next one.

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