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Is it LOVE or LUST? How to Tell if it's Love or Lust.

Fate had conspired to bring together two individuals, Lily and Jack, in an unexpected twist of destiny. Lily, an adventurous free spirit with a penchant for spontaneity, found herself at a local bookstore one rainy afternoon. As she perused the shelves, her eyes locked with Jack's, a charismatic musician with a soulful gaze, engrossed in a book on philosophy. Is it LOVE or LUST

Their connection was instantaneous as if the universe had orchestrated this encounter. Conversations flowed effortlessly, laughter echoed through the bookstore, and within a whirlwind of moments, Lily and Jack decided to tie the knot. They embraced the idea that life was short, and love should be seized without hesitation. Is it LOVE or LUST

The wedding was a celebration of their impulsive union, surrounded by friends and family who marveled at the couple's unwavering passion. However, as the honeymoon glow began to fade, the reality of their hastily made decision set in. Lily, a dreamer at heart, envisioned a life filled with constant excitement and change. Jack, on the other hand, craved stability and routine.

Their differences became apparent, leading to clashes that intensified with each passing day. Lily longed for spontaneous road trips and artistic pursuits, while Jack yearned for a calm home life with predictable routines. Arguments became a regular occurrence, and the initial spark that brought them together flickered in the face of conflicting expectations.

Eventually, the couple found themselves standing at the crossroads of their tumultuous journey. Recognizing the irreconcilable differences that had surfaced so quickly, Lily and Jack made the painful decision to part ways. The love that had burned bright in the beginning dimmed, and they realized that perhaps their impulsive decision to marry had been driven more by the excitement of the moment than by a deep understanding of each other.

As they signed the divorce papers, Lily and Jack couldn't help but reflect on the intensity of their brief union. They emerged from the experience wiser, with a newfound appreciation for the importance of compatibility and shared values in a lasting relationship. While their love story had begun with a flourish, it ended as a poignant reminder that sometimes, the most beautiful flames burn out as swiftly as they ignite.

The above story shows that what Lily and Jack experienced initially wasn’t really love but attraction. The excitement of meeting someone new and the desire to have physical intimacy can lead us to make hasty decisions; like choosing to spend the rest of our lives with someone we barely know. What they called “love” was really the lust they had for each other at the time. According to Merriam-Webster, lust is having an intense sexual desire for someone. Lust is selfish as it seeks to please oneself without caring about the consequences. Just one minute of satisfying lust could lead to a lifetime of unwanted consequences.

Unwanted pregnancies, STDs, abortions, and even divorce are some of the major consequences of satisfying lust. Sadly a lot of couples make the mistake of choosing to get married to someone based on that deep passion they feel at the beginning of the relationship. When the excitement dies, like Lily and James, they begin to wonder why they’re together. They think something must be wrong if they don’t feel that way anymore towards each other. Naturally, the solution for them is to divorce thinking that the problem will be solved. When they meet someone else, the same thing happens. They keep repeating the same cycle over and over again. That’s why 50% of marriages end in divorce according to Forbes Advisor. Is it LOVE or LUST

Just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with attraction. It’s okay to be drawn to someone initially. That’s usually the first step of any relationship. However, that attraction doesn’t mean love, it shouldn’t immediately translate to “I want to marry you”. Seek to know this person first. Can you be friends? Do you have a connection? Do you flow well together? Can you be able to build a life with this person? If life gets tough will you be okay having this person by your side? You should be able to answer these questions. Love is not just a feeling, it’s not just excitement. It’s a choice you make to love someone unconditionally. You shouldn't just be led by your feelings. You should be able to articulate why you love someone. Without a strong “Why”, you would easily give up when the road gets tough. Is it LOVE or LUST

To sum up, the key difference between love and lust is that love is usually based on a clear reason and it’s not just about self whereas lust is all about satisfying one’s selfish desires. Love doesn’t just happen overnight. There’s no such thing as “love at first sight.” There are several other misconceptions about love which you can learn about by reading THIS article titled “10 Common Lies about Love.” When you feel a deep passion for someone, seek to know them first.

Thank you for reading and we hope you were enriched through this. If you were blessed, please share to bless someone else too. Also, SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more content on love, relationships, and marriage. Until next time, remain blessed. Is it LOVE or LUST Is it LOVE or LUST

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