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Secrets to Unlocking Lasting INTIMACY in a Relationship

Intimacy refers to the level of closeness between two people. It requires vulnerability, openness, and trust. Intimacy is not purely physical. It is the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul. There are four types of intimacy which are: Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual intimacy. For a relationship to strive, there must be a certain level of sync between the two parties at all levels, otherwise, there will be constant friction and disagreements.

A common misconception about the word intimacy is that it is synonymous to sex. This is not true because two people can have sex without ever being intimate. In this article, we shall be discussing how you can nurture intimacy in your relationship or marriage to make it successful. No matter the stage you’re in your relationship, if you are intentional about being truly intimate with your partner, it can be achieved by doing the following:

1. Invest time in building a genuine Connection with your partner.

Nothing is more intimate than a connection that is based on genuine mutual interests and shared experiences. Invest time in getting to know your partner better, sharing personal stories, and discussing what brings them joy. The more time you spend building genuine connections, the easier it will be to trust and be open with each other. When you do this intentionally as a couple, you develop a very strong bond with each other which brings you closer and more intimate, thus, solidifying the relationship.

2. Make sure your Communication is Open and Honest.

Open and honest communication is KEY to a healthy and intimate relationship. When you communicate effectively, you help each other to understand and communicate their feelings. Communication in a relationship means listening and understanding each other as you both express yourselves on any subject without being biased. It is about not being judgmental and giving your opinion whenever your partner asks for it by carefully selecting suitable words. This builds trust and intimacy.

3. Don’t take your Relationship for granted.

Spending time with your partner should be enjoyable and special, not simply a duty. Does your partner enjoy watching the sunset from a mountaintop or any natural environment? Does your partner enjoy walking down the street at dusk while holding your hand? Does your partner enjoy date nights at home with everything that will make them have a good time? Does your partner enjoy it when you offer them significant but not necessarily expensive gifts every now and then?

Whatever it is that they enjoy, make it a point of duty to add it to your program no matter how busy you are. That way, you won't be caught up on everything else but your relationship. Make an effort to make each date, outing, or conversation a unique experience. Find ways to revive and cherish the intimacy in your relationship.

4. Respect your Partner’s Needs and Boundaries.

Each person in a relationship has needs that should be met and boundaries that should be respected. It is important to be aware of your partner’s needs and not override them without discussion. It is also important to respect your partner’s space and privacy. This can range from their likes and dislikes as well as deal breakers. You can’t assume any of these, else you’re setting up yourself for lots of quarrels and disagreements every now and then. You can only get to know them through good and intentional communication. Knowing and respecting your partner’s needs and boundaries helps to build lasting intimacy in your relationship.

5. Show Affection Physically and Emotionally.

Physical affection and emotional support are both crucial ways to show love and build intimacy in a relationship. Do you know your partner’s love language? Maybe words of affirmation from you make them feel like they’re on top of the world. Maybe spending quality time together is all they need. Maybe lending them a helping hand with tasks around makes them feel loved. Whatever it is that makes them feel most loved, be intentional about doing it for them and you will see how you both will grow deeply intimate with each other.

Have you been feeling like your partner is so hard to please? Try these strategies and watch the magic happen. Also do SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more enriching content on love, marriage and relationships. If you are experiencing some difficulties in your relationship and you need help, our certified coaches are available. Book a session today for FREE.

We hope you were enriched by this content. Do you have any other strategies to build intimate relationships. Share with us in the comments section. Also do share this with your loved ones. Thank you for reading and see you in the next one.

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