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The Dangers of PEER Pressure

We were never told that there existed a top killer virus that wasn’t biological but sociological. Are you wondering what it could be? Permit me to start by narrating a short story of an 18-year-old young girl called Keziah.

Keziah was a young beautiful girl who graduated from high school, got to the university and had to start living on her own, away from her parents. Being from a Christian home, Keziah had always been shielded from the real world and how it functioned. After about a week into school, Keziah started making friends, some of them, were prostitutes, other drug addicts, some smokers etc. But they all hid their true identities from her.

One day, Keziah went to visit one of her friends, as she opened the door, she caught her friend having sex with a guy. She was so shocked and disappointed that she closed the door and ran away with despair. Keziah then swore and vowed never to talk to those girls again after seeing their lifestyle.

Two weeks later, those girls approached Keziah again, and tried convincing her to remain friends with them. At first Keziah was adamant; they told her that if she doesn’t have sex at her young age or before she gets married, she will never have kids, and they assured her that all women including her mum had done it too. This got Keziah thinking so she decided to take it to her mum. Since she was from a Christian home, her mum considered the topic of conversation to be indecent and brushed it off instead of advising her. Soon Keziah started living a reckless life like her friends, instead of concentrating on school. She started drinking, smoking, visiting bars and night clubs, keeping late nights, having sexual intercourse for fun etc. Keziah ended up contracting AIDS and died from it, before her parents could discover what had happened.

Peer pressure has become the world’s most threatening and spreading disease which affects people of all ages. Peer pressure occurs mostly amongst people of about the same age; like friends, bandmates, classmates, colleagues, and so on. It could be direct or indirect and it could either yield positive as well as negative results.

The negative impacts of peer pressure are devastating to say the least. What happened to Keziah was due to the influence of her peers and the absence of parental intervention in her life’s decisions. As you continue reading, one thing to note is that peer pressure can affect anyone irrespective of your upbringing. We are all liable to fall for it.

Research has shown that boys(men) are the most exposed to peer pressure, especially indirect peer pressure. I would like to bring to your attention a young guy called James. James didn’t have any friend since childhood. So, when James got into the university, he joined a band. The members of the band only accepted him because he was very intelligent, and thus he always completed their assignments. These guys always made fun of James saying he was weak, just because he couldn’t drink and wasn’t a drug addict as the rest of them were. So, James decided to start drinking and living a life which was as reckless as the ones his friends were living, not because he loved the life but just because he wanted to belong. Sadly, James was one day caught with a bag of drugs. He got arrested and was sentenced for life. As fate would have it, his so called “friends” didn’t get caught. They continued as usual while he was behind bars.

Unlike Keziah and James, we should learn to appreciate ourselves and avoid trying to fit in. We live in a world where bad is seen as good and good is seen as bad. Avoid copying bad examples just because it seems “cool”. It is not because A, B, C or D did it and nothing happened, that nothing will happen if you try doing it too. A word to a wise is sufficient. Make the right choices. Our choices have consequences. If you decide to be like Keziah and James, be ready to deal with the consequences; but if you choose to turn deaf ear to your peers you won’t have to go through all the consequences that Keziah and James faced.

Thank you for sparing some time to read through up to this point. Together we can create awareness in the minds of youths about this killer disease. You can do so by sharing this post with your contacts. Sharing is caring. We hope you learned a lesson that will lead you towards a positive change. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more enriching content. Until next time, BESTech remains your BEST bet

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