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The Dangers of Shortcuts

Everyone wants to be successful, but few people are willing to do what it takes to be successful. Most people are looking for an easier way out, which always ends up getting them into more confusion. I've had some discussions with people who have tried taking shortcuts in the past and this particular case from someone we'd call Martha sure has some lessons for us all.

Martha like most high school students was looking for ways to earn some extra cash. When school resumed that year, she recalled having discussed with a group of friends about business ideas that one could get into and make money without being directly involved. They spent some time asking around and only got told things they already knew but didn't have the patience to pursue.

After tirelessly searching for days, they were on the verge of giving up when they stumbled upon a mind-blowing idea with the possibility of making millions without moving a muscle. It sounded too good to be true, but due to encouragement from one of her friends who went on to cite the number of people who are making a comfortable living from it, they got interested.

As excited investors whose money needed to be put to use where it'll multiply in less than no time, they sought more explanation about this " investment opportunity". Martha and her friends were told that it was a limited opportunity to put in their money and let it work for them, by investing it in a platform that was involved in many undisclosed businesses that needed just capital to function and multiply their investment. It sounded just like what they were looking for and even appeared easier than they thought. Without giving it much thought, Martha and her group of friends jumped in with their school fees and money meant for G.C.E registration. The platform promised to double their “investment” within the shortest time being two weeks which got them really excited.

Two weeks down the line, they reached out to the owner of the platform to know "how far" and to get information on when they could withdraw their money and possibly reinvest. It took them a whole day to get a reply; something that had never happened. Before putting in their money, they'd get a reply almost immediately when they were still making enquiries. When they finally got a reply, they were told that the platform was undergoing some updates and sadly, that was the last time they heard from the investment platform.

After numerous failed attempts to meet these people physically, it dawned on them that they had fallen into a Ponzi scheme whose lifespan was already over as planned by the initiators. Unfortunately for Martha, her parents didn't have any more money to give her, so she was ousted from school while her friends continued because their parents could afford to give them more money.

Martha and her friends all desired success, but none of them was ready to face the reality of what it takes to be successful. They sought the seemingly easier way out which turned out to be more disruptive to their journey towards success. Even in the dictionary, the process comes before success. That tells you that you can't skip the process and expect to be successful.

Here are some reasons why you should avoid taking any form of shortcuts:

1. Shortcuts reap you of the Advantages of exploring the Process.

Achieving anything involves a process, from planning to execution. It is the process that builds your ability to remain at the top if you finally get there. When you keep looking for easier ways out and finally succeed to achieve some level of success through that means, there's no doubt that you'll come crumbling in less than no time because you don't have what it takes to remain up there.

2. Shortcuts are only temporarily short.

Shortcuts only appear to be short but in reality, they are longer than the main routes. Imagine the time Martha had to spend at home doing nothing simply because she was trying to shorten her journey to the top. She ended up adding one extra year to the journey, which is something that could have been avoided if she had just done the right thing. Shortcuts are nothing short of an illusion.

3. When you take shortcuts, you might not live to narrate your experience

Countless people have lost their lives while involving themselves in dubious activities in the quest for success, especially in Africa. Those who are into scamming, human sacrifices and all kinds of rituals as well as those involved in robbery and theft. Those who end up being apprehended by the armed forces are rather fortunate that they are given a prison term to serve, as compared to the many who have lost their lives while doing these dubious things. To be safe, just avoid any kind of shortcuts as you may not make it out alive.

4. Shortcuts reduce your chances of succeeding.

The more shortcuts you take, the lesser your chances of succeeding. Certain things can only be achieved at a designated age and time. When you spend a better chunk of your life failing and recovering from one shortcut to another, your biological calendar doesn't stop and start over, it keeps ticking. Before you know it, you have wasted so much time that the things you love to do, you can't do them anymore because your body is no longer as strong.

After seeing how disadvantageous shortcuts can be, I hope that you choose to follow the right path to be successful. In doing so your impact can be felt as you would tell your story with pride, knowing that you worked every step to be at the top. We leave you with these words from Zig Ziglar:

“There's no elevator to success, only a staircase”

Thank you for reading through. We trust you learned something. If you did, you can help by sharing with your friends. Do SUBSCRIBE for more enriching content. Until next time, BESTech remains your best bet.

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