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The Mystery of Sand and Stones

Jim and Jay have been great friends for as long as they can remember. They’re like two peas in a pod. They did almost everything together. It was rare to see them argue; they always handled disagreements amicably.

One summer evening, while taking a walk along the beach, they had another disagreement. This time it really escalated to the point where they go into a serious argument. It became so violent to the point that Jay did the unthinkable… He slapped Jim in the face. Jim, now hurt just kept quiet and wrote the following words in the sand:

My best friend slapped me in the face today

They continued walking and at some point, they decided to go for a swim. The current got a little heavy so much so that Jim lost control and started drowning. Luckily, Jay was swift enough to save him. After recovering, Jim wrote these words on a stone:

“My best friend saved my life today”

Now, Jay was curious about these actions and asked: “First I hurt you, and you wrote in the sand; then I saved you and you write on a stone. Why’s that?” Jim replied: “When we’re hurt by someone, we ought to write in down in the sand such that the winds of forgiveness can wipe it away with time. However, when someone does us good we should engrave it in stone where nothing can ever erase it.”


Do not value the things in your life, but value the people in your life. Forgiveness is a blessing both for you and the person who offended you. This life is too short and way too precious to keep holding on to grudges. Being resentful only robs you of your peace.

Don’t take for granted any good deed someone does for you. Be appreciative of it and find ways to return the favor. We tend to feel entitled to services rendered unto us but that’s a serious mistake. No one owes you anything. Find ways to give to others. Reciprocity is essential for any friendship. How many friends do you have? How do you treat the people around you? To learn more about what is means to be a true friend, check out THIS article.

Thank you for reading and we hope you were inspired by this lesson. Just as you were enriched, it’s nice to share and bless others as well. Sharing is caring. You lose nothing and gain the satisfaction of having impacted someone’s life. Try and see… Also, SUBSCRIBE for more life transforming content. Until next time, BESTech remains your BEST bet.

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