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What Happened to Our VALUES??

Why would a girl choose to ruin her future by spreading her legs for a guy that really doesn't care about her? Why would she attach herself to this guy to the point of brutalizing and dehumanizing another person because of him ? Why would a guy get his girlfriend pregnant and then decide to start seeing someone else behind her back? Why would a lady choose to date a guy who's already involved with someone else? Why would people witness someone being treated like an animal and choose to videotape it to share on social media instead of helping the person? Why? Why? Why?

What happened to our values? To our priorities? Why do we focus so much on the wrong things? Why do we prioritize things that don't add any value to us. What happened to speaking up and helping someone in trouble? It's really sad to see a girl doing terrible things for a guy who isn't worth it. Our morals, values and priorities have been misplaced. Gone are the days when girls didn't just throw themselves at men. Gone are the days when virginity was still a priority. Gone are the days when waiting until marriage before having sex was a priority. Sex before marriage has now been normalized. It's really sad when the wrong thing becomes so popular. It's sad when you have to now defend yourself for doing the right thing. What kind of society are we engineering? What kind of future are we building?

My dear brothers and sisters, we need to wake up and turn things around. It's up to us to change our future, by going back to the core values and moral our parents and grandparents taught us. By embracing purpose instead of the perversion of worldly pleasures. By embracing learning instead of idling around. By embracing real knowledge and education instead of mere entertainment. By doing our best to help others in need instead of doing nothing... The change starts with us. The change starts with YOU. What do YOU value...

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