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"Where Should I Go for My First Date?"

If you had to choose where to go on your first date with someone from the following options, which would you choose? Where Should I Go for My First Date

  • Movie Theatre

  • Museum

  • Concert

These are hypothetical options that people won’t often consider but indulge me as we shall use them to make our point. Keep your choice in mind as we will come to that later. Here are some key points to consider when planning a first date:

1. Keep it Simple Where Should I Go for My First Date

First dates are more important than most people think. They set the stage for relationships (if they lead to one). The key to first dates is to make them as simple as possible in an environment with limited distractions. Why? This will enable you to explore if there’s a real connection with this person. Do you enjoy each other’s company? Can you two talk for hours without getting bored or wanting to do something else? A lot of people just tolerate their partners because there are several distractions around them. They don’t get to spend a lot of time together because there’s no friendship or real connection. Where Should I Go for My First Date

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in divorce rates because suddenly people found themselves in quarantine and had to be with their partners the whole day. Some people at that point realized that they didn’t belong together. Before that, they had work, kids, and other activities to distract them. As mentioned by New York City divorce lawyer, Lisa Beth Older to CNBC, “Marital conflicts have been on the rise since the pandemic. I have noticed a rise in the number of clients seeking a divorce. I get three to four inquiries a day for my services, whereas before COVID the inquiries were much less.” She attributed the rise in divorce inquiries to couples having to work remotely at home, thus spending more time together as such not being able to avoid marital issues that existed all along. Where Should I Go for My First Date

So, if during the first date, you’re unable to engage in good conversations with this person, then think twice about moving forward. If there are awkward silences and you find yourself itching to get distracted by something else, it means you two aren’t connecting. If you flow well together and enjoy talking for hours, then that’s a good sign. Where Should I Go for My First Date

2. Spend according to your lifestyle

The natural order of things is that men pursue women and so men get to initiate the dates. Naturally, most men pay for the dates. A lot of men tend to complain about how expensive going on dates has become. Imagine having to spend money on a date with someone when you aren’t sure it’s leading anywhere. Having to do those multiple times is costly. It’s not sustainable for the average man to go on all these expensive dates consistently. This is another reason why keeping it simple is helpful. When the date is simple, such as coffee, lunch, brunch, a walk in the park, or a picnic, the cost is usually moderate and easier to manage. Also, it lets you know if she’s really into you that way. If a woman truly likes you, it won’t matter where you go on a date. She just wants to enjoy your company. If she complains a lot about the setting, then she’s not for you.

When you go overboard with spending, such as going to 5-star restaurants, it clouds the truth as to what she likes. She may just like the experience and not you. Money is an undue influence on relationships. She may be with you unconsciously just for the money. More so, can your lifestyle sustain that? Can you take her to such premium places consistently? A lot of guys shoot themselves in the foot by starting on such a high note to attract the lady only to drop the ball. If you start with 5-star restaurants, she will keep expecting that level of experience. Do yourself a favor and keep it within your lifestyle and budget. Where Should I Go for My First Date

3. Limit Distractions Where Should I Go for My First Date

Out of the 3 options earlier, which did you choose? Movie theatre, Concert, or Museum? A concert is not a good setting for a first date because it’s full of distractions. When you take a lady on a first date to a concert, she will have fun not because of you but the whole experience. It gives a false impression as to whether you two can enjoy each other well. Also, she will likely want to be with you just to not miss out on such experiences. A movie theatre has fewer distractions, but the focus is really on the exciting movie. Like the concert, she will enjoy the large screen experience and not you. The best option out of the 3 is the Museum. It sounds boring, yes, but that’s exactly what you need to explore real connection and friendship. When there’s a real connection, you don’t need external things to enjoy each other. Also, museums are calm and offer room for real conversations to get to know each other. Where Should I Go for My First Date

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to concerts or movie theatre dates. Those should be reserved for later along the line when it’s clear that you enjoy each other. You can always enjoy a movie on the big screen together. However, keep your first dates simple and within your lifestyle and budget.

That’s all folks! We hope you were enriched through these. Next time, you’ll know exactly what to do for your first date if you’re actively dating. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more enriching content on love, marriage, and relationships. Thank you for reading and until next time, remain blessed. Where Should I Go for My First Date Where Should I Go for My First Date

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