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Why YOU Need EXCEL Skills - Top 10 Jobs that Require Excel Skills

Over 82% of middle-skill jobs require having excel skills according to a study by Capital One and Burning Glass technologies. This is a 4% increase from the value in 2015. In addition, having certified Excel skills tends to increase the potential earnings of those who possess them by 12% compared to non-certified users. It gives certified users higher chances of getting promotions.

After analyzing 27 million job listings from various recruitment sites, it shows that there has been a significant increase in the demand for baseline computing skills such as spreadsheets abilities and word processing in middle-skill jobs. Any job that involves using a computer will need excel skills. Is there really a reason why you shouldn’t have them? It’s not enough to just know how to do basic data entry in Excel, with the intense competition in the marketplace, you need advanced skills to distinguish yourself. According to TopResume:

  • 75% of resumes get rejected before ever reaching the hiring managers. This is the vast majority. All resumes are filtered through Applicant tracking systems(ATS) based on their content and format. As you’ve seen above, that content will most likely require having excel skills.

  • Just about 5 applicants out of hundreds or even thousands who apply for a job actually get in-person interviews.

how to ace job interviews - job candidate

With such stiff odds, do you really think just knowing basic Excel will cut it? Of course not! Luckily for you, we’ve produced an excellent resource to help you acquire advanced Excel skills. The best time to start was yesterday, and the second best is RIGHT NOW! Access the course HERE and start learning today (For U.S. Residents, CLICK HERE). It’s time to take your career to the next level.

If you’re still not convinced, then maybe you should see these top 10 jobs that require Excel skills in no specific order. There’s a high chance that at least one of them is a career you’ll like to pursue.

1. Auditors and Accountants

Median Salary: $70,500/year

It is not surprising that there is a number format in Excel called Accounting. It’s like Excel was created for accountants. These jobs involve managing the finances of a business including income statements, balances sheets, tax returns amongst others. You can’t land such a job without being an Excel whiz. Talking about finances, here’s a great article on How to become financially free(link). Check it out.

2. Data, Business, and Market Analysts

Median Salary: $65,810/year

These professionals are often responsible for analyzing data and providing recommendations for decision makers in the company. They help organizations to make well-informed decisions. The PowerPivot is an incredible Excel feature designed to help business analysts to get smarter insights from very large datasets. Excel is clearly a must here.

3. Administrative Assistants, Clerks, Information Staff

Median Salary: $38,880/year

Administrative or Virtual Assistants, clerks, secretaries, often help businesses to run smoothly by completing daily routine tasks. Some will call these mundane tasks, but they are necessary for the business. Some of them include: Reporting, scheduling appointments, organizing documents, or providing support. Their main tools are spreadsheets and word processing software. These tools improve their productivity.

microsoft excel course for beginners - excel for data analytics

4. Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Educators

Median Salary: $58,600 per year

Professors, teachers and educators usually need to organize all the data and information related to their students, lectures, courses, grades, and more. Excel is a great tool to get the job done.

5. Cost Estimators

Median Salary: $64,040 per year

Their role is to ensure that your money is used efficiently. They often work on projects to make accurate estimates of the time, money and resources needed to complete tasks. Yes, Excel is their favorite tool to do these calculations.

6. Investment Bankers, Financial Managers or Analysts, and Loan officers

Median Salary: $85,660 per year

Like accountants, financial managers, analysts, enable companies to make well-informed investment or loan decisions. Excel is a popular software among bankers, finance managers, financial analysts and other money related professionals. If you’re new at investing, these 7 Rules of Investing will certainly come in handy.

financial analysis - working with numbers

7. Digital Marketers and Market Research Analysts

Median Salary: $63,120 per year

Marketers rely on data analytics, creativity and data science to get their jobs done. They spend time gathering, processing and interpreting real world data. Using Excel spreadsheets, they can analyze and report their findings to top executives.

8. Project Coordinators and Project Managers

Median Salary: $93,370 per year

Project managers are everywhere, in IT, construction, Engineering, you name it. They plan, coordinate, and supervise projects from start to finish. They have to manage several aspects of a project including the budget, resources, timelines, tasks and more. Project managers must know how to prioritize well. In addition to specialized Software, Excel is commonly used to get these done.

9. Sales, Marketing and Administrative managers

Median Salary: $96,180 per year

Sales and Marketing are a numbers game. Once numbers are involved, Excel has to come in. Administration involves planning, scheduling, and organizing different resources and Excel is usually well suited for the job.

10. Remote Excel Jobs

Working remotely has spiked in popularity since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are several opportunities that require spreadsheet skills including virtual assistants, data entry, metadata analysts, internet research or helpdesk technicians just to name a few. Most of the above jobs listed could also be done remotely.

What more do you need? Do you want to land the job of your dreams? We’ve prepared the Master Excel for Data Analytics course just for you. On completing the course you would’ve learned the following:

- Math, Text, and Logical Functions

- Creating Reports and Conditional Formatting


- Pivot Tables and Data Tables

- Advanced Graphs and Charts

- Statistics for Data Analytics and the Analytics Toolpak

- Dashboards

You get this whole package for a discounted price. We’re offering a special early bird discount. Instead of the regular price of 25,000 F, you get to pay only 10,000 F today to start learning. That’s a 60% discount! This offer ends in a week so what are you waiting for? Get Advanced Excel skills to propel your career forward: Enroll Now (U.S Residents CLICK HERE). See you on the other side.

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