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10 Popular Valentine's Day Gifts for Her or Him on a budget

It’s Valentine’s season! The season of love…Who doesn’t like the sweet rush in the bloodstreams when embraced by surprised gifts? A smile garnished on the face, the warmth in the heart accompanied with an assurance of being loved that swells up like wells of dopamine is a peak most hope to reach. While gifts ought to be given out of love and not obligation, it is usually a very big challenge to find a gift that is within one’s budget that resonates to the other person’s preferences. It is that season of the year where people offer gifts as an expression of love or commitment. While some wait in eager expectation of what they will be offered, others are engraved by the fears of getting the wrong gift for their significant other.

couple exchanging gifts - valentines day

Are you currently wondering what you can get for a loved one, a significant other, a sibling or family member in this season of love? Well search no further because we have detailed different suggestions for you below, you could find exactly what you want below or better still the suggestions could serve as an inspiration or eye opener.

Part I: Gifts for Her

1. Jewelry set

Looking good is sure good business and there is no other gender that likes showing off more than the female gender. A good percentage of women want to wear something that attracts complements. When in their circle of friends, they like to show off gifts that they have received from their significant others to communicate a sense of being loved. A jewelry set serves all the aforementioned purposes and can comfortable fit into any budget. Sets can be gotten from 2,500frs but a good set can be gotten from 5,000frs upwards.

woman with jewelry

2. A Gift Basket

Suitable for a long distant surprise to let the other person know that you love and care for them. A gift basket is perfect when you cannot be there in person. It is tempting to think that gift baskets are an upgraded version of bouquets; whatever the case, gift baskets have a way of making an entrance in glory almost like the bouquet except most of the time it comes with mouthwatering contents that gets the attraction of onlookers even before it is unveiled. The positive vibe gift baskets carry is so contagious that even spectators can influence the recipients to accept the gift though they had planned otherwise. Gift baskets are a little on the high-end side and involve other logistical costs, but a typical one can be ordered from 20,000frs and above depending on the content.

gift basket with blue teddy

3. A Water Bottle

Little sips that water a thirsty throat is not just good for the health and in keeping with the minimum amount of water needful for a healthy living, it has now become a thing of class and beauty. Water bottles no longer live in kindergarten alone; adults are adopting it. A beautiful water bottle makes an incredible gift and can convey a message of healthy living. From as little as 2,500frs, water bottles in any feminine color can be purchased.

red water bottle

4. A pair of Bed Socks

Name a woman who doesn’t like comfort? Extra pillows on the bed, small comfy cotton spreads all in a bid to mimic a paradise experience at home. While men are accustomed to wearing socks in their shoes, women use it as a tool for extra comfort to get to bed especially during the rainy and cold seasons. This is one of the out of the box gifts, it can also be customized and embroidered with special messages. Accompanied by a nice card, a pair of bed socks is not just affordable but a gift with a taste of uniqueness. With 3,500frs a pair of bed socks, a nice card, love note and a red rose can be fully accommodated in a nice looking parcel. Nevertheless, embroidering will attract additional cost.

pajama socks for bed

5. A Journal

Have you seen the latest journal, dairy and notebook designs? They carry a certain wow factor as though they are conscious of the fact that the android age is trying to send them on an early retirement. Such a gift is beyond aesthetics, it is an intentional and purposeful move to show that you are interested in the development and progress of the recipient’s life. With an average cost of 5,000frs a beautiful looking journal can be gotten from a nearby bookshop, accompanied by a sassy looking pen to complement it.


Part II: Gifts for Him

1. Foot Wear

Being one of the most popular male gifts which can be accommodated by any budget, foot wears range from sandals, sneakers, loafers, derby and boots just to name a few. Based on individual preferences, a much-appreciated and durable gift can be made of these treasures of leather mix. Durable male footwear are a little on the expensive side. In as much as they can be gotten for far less, a budget of 10,000frs is not bad to begin with.

leather shoes

2. A Wallet

Ever heard of where a man’s treasure is there lies his heart? Well, treasure is a big word and money is definitely part of it. A good leather male wallet does not just serve as home for some sweet currencies; it also has room for identification cards, bankcards, driving license and more. Even in a world were cryptocurrencies and e-wallets are threatening to take over, a good leather wallet always has a place on the big table and will for a long time be a great and affordable gift. Ranging from 2,500frs to 10,000frs and above, depending on how leathery you want the leather.

leather wallet for him

3. A Bottle of Wine

This gift on its own may not last forever but will certainly leave a footprint in the sands of time. Like the saying goes “age like fine wine”; a bottle of wine, be it red, white or sparkling always has a ring to it. You would be surprised that while others pop the bottle to add some flash to the moment some people can keep a bottle for years waiting for the perfect occasion to pop the special gift, these are all personal preferences and should be no cause for alarm. From 2,500frs and above good bottle of wine can be purchased to celebrate the season.

wine bottle

4. A Painting

Waking up to a beautiful piece that inspires is breathtaking. A view that paints one’s day with beauty, strength and success is a good masterpiece that should welcome one’s eyes to the dawn of a new day and the last image of hope when returning to bed. There is power in a good painting aside beautifying and bringing life to the room where it seats. It is a great gift for one who holds to heart certain core values and can appreciate the art.

rain landscape painting

5. A Customized Key Holder

This is a small but intimate gift; many people touch their key holders on a daily basis. Even though the gift looks simple, it has a unique way of imprinting your presence in the mind of the other person every time they pick up the key holder. Key holders could carry messages and even pictures of cherished memories or persons. With as little as 1,500frs this piece of beauty, love and affection can be made. It could also cost hundreds of thousands depending on your definition of customized.

car keys - key holder

Time spent to maintain human connection is an invaluable gift beyond material gains. No true relationship is formed only on a foundation of gift exchange. Although receiving gifts sends out strong messages of love and care do well to make out time for the person you love. Life in itself is a gift and do not procrastinate to share this gift of living with others.

We hope you were enriched by this piece. If you found it informative, please do well to share with friends and family and feel free to drop more gift suggestions in the comment section to help someone find their ideal gift. Thank you for reading and until next time, BESTech remains your BEST bet.

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