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7 Tips to Prepare an Attractive CV/Resume

We instinctively judge a book by its cover. While the content of your Resume or CV maybe impressive, how you present it may throw someone off. We’ve talked at length about what you need to have in your CV which you can check out HERE. In this article, we shall focus on how your CV or resume looks; the aesthetics of it. It is your responsibility to ensure that your documents are visually appealing. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you with these tips that you can start applying today. Let’s go:

1. Font Selection

Use a font that makes it easy for recruiters to skim through your CV. Helvetica looks professional, so it's one of the best options available. Garamond, Times New Roman and Georgia are also suitable for professional documents. Pick a font size ranging from 9 points to 12 points; anything smaller or larger makes documents difficult to read. Keep the margin at 2.5 cm and ensure appropriate spacing around the headings; do not underline headings. Also, keep to the font type, size and style consistent.

2. Color Scheme

For many industries, black text on a white background is still the best way to go. If you're applying for jobs in a creative field, however, you may want to add a border or a logo to make your resume more appealing. Optimally, you should pick just one or two colors and stick with them. Avoid using overly bright colors.

3. Section Headers

Headings draw attention to each section of your resume, making it easy for recruiters to skim through the document. For best results, use relevant keywords in each heading. If the recruiter doesn't have to search for your skills, you have a better chance of getting an interview.

4. Text Formatting

Purdue Online Writing Lab recommends dividing your resume into quadrants. Ideally, each quadrant should have roughly the same amount of text and white space. If your current resume is out of balance, use columns to move some of the text from one side of the page to the other. Also, place your most important information in the top left quadrant, as this is the area readers tend to see first.

5. Bullet Points

Don't overwhelm recruiters with a text-heavy resume. By using bullets, it's possible to pack a lot of information into just one page. For best results, each bullet point should be no more than a few words or a line. Use a consistent bullet style.

6. Alignment and Margins

It's okay if you want to center your section headers, but stick with left alignment for the rest of your text. Most people read from left to right, so left-aligned texts are easier to follow. In most cases, you should set your margins to an inch on all four sides of the page.

7. Capitalization

Use title case for section headers and sentence case for the rest of your resume. It's difficult for most people to read strings of capital letters, so don't use all caps to emphasize important information. To further increase your chances, use key words from the job descriptions throughout your CV. Employers tend to skim CVs based on those keywords. Also, Resume/CV filtering applications are often based on keywords. You have everything to gain by using them.

It’s time to give your CV a well-deserved makeover. If you still need help, feel free to drop your question here. Don’t forget to SUSCRIBE to our blog. Thank you for reading and until next time, BESTech remains your BEST bet.

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