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Why She LEFT You For Someone Else

Samuel really liked his relationship, except that Linda often complained that they never spent time together. He couldn’t understand why and the thought of it stressed him. He took a couple of days off to spend more time with her. Linda was thrilled with this decision, and they spent quality time together on both days. It was unique to the point where Linda stopped complaining. Seeing the outcome, Samuel began taking more days off from work to spend time with Linda. She enjoyed all the quality time and attention. Why she left you

However, Samuel’s performance at his job started declining. His supervisor drew his attention to it. But Samuel didn’t take the warnings seriously and continued slacking at work to spend time with Linda. If she was happy, it didn’t bother him. He showed up a few weeks later at work to find a termination letter on his desk. He was so depressed by the news. Fortunately, Linda was there to comfort him, making dealing with it easier. Why she left you for someone else

He told himself that at least he could spend more time with her. Linda initially liked having him around more, but she quickly grew tired of the fact that he wasn’t doing anything serious about it. He would barely apply for any jobs. Also, Samuel had dreams of one day starting his own business and writing a book, but he put all that aside to spend time with Linda. Linda began to complain again, which puzzled Samuel more. He thought she would be happy now that they had all the time to spend together. He was wrong. Over six months later, he still had not found a new job. Linda grew tired of the situation and finally left him.

Samuel’s story is a typical mistake men make. Women indeed crave attention and quality time. However, she doesn’t want you to leave your job and occupation ultimately to be with her. As a man, women are attracted by the masculine energy you exude. This is often displayed in your ambition, dreams, career, vision, and how you pursue your purpose. That ambition is what attracted her to you. A woman is wired to be a helper. She desires a purpose-driven man to assist. A purpose-driven man’s vision is like a rollercoaster. When a woman sees it, she’s excited to hop on because it will be a fantastic ride all the way through. She then makes up her mind to go on the ride with you. After all the excitement and anticipation, you suddenly stop to be with her. What do you think will happen? She will lose attraction for you. Why she left you for someone else

You may be asking why she complains you’re not spending time with her. That’s probably because you weren’t giving her undivided attention. You see, a woman doesn’t need your attention all day every day. She’s aware that you have responsibilities. She has hers too. All she needs is a short period when you give her undivided attention. It doesn’t have to be much. It could just be 15-30 mins in a day. Some men spend the whole evening with their wives at home, but they still complain because he was focused on the TV or his phone during that time. However, another man will only spend 30 minutes with his wife, and she will never complain because he is focused entirely on her. That’s what makes the difference. She doesn’t need much of your time—just your undivided attention.

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo once shared a story of when he needed to watch an important soccer game. His wife wanted him to go shopping with her. It was a tough sacrifice for him to make. But he decided to give up the match and go with her. His wife, aware that he wanted to watch it, told him to stay home and enjoy the game. He responded with a bit of disappointment, but he was overjoyed inside. The point here is that women don’t want to waste your time. They just need to know that you care. They just want you to show them the attention. It’s really the effort that matters. Why she left you for someone else

The main takeaway is balancing pursuing your vision and dreams as a man and spending time with your partner. Pursue your purpose because it’s essential, and it’s what gets her attracted to you. Also, carve out time each day when you give her undivided attention. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Just focus entirely on her.

We hope these tips will enable you to improve the quality of your relationship. If she’s complaining that you never spend time with her, you now know what to do now. Also do share this with your contacts to bless them too. Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments. If there’s any topic you’ll like us to cover, please let us know in the comments as well. Also, SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more content on love, marriage, and relationships. Thank you for reading and see you at the next one. Why she left you for someone else

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