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How many Triangles are there?

Can you find the exact number of triangles in this image?

It seems complex but it can be broken down into three simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Count the Large triangles

This one is the easiest. It will give 3 triangles. A common mistake here will be to count each vertex as a new triangle thus giving the wrong answer 9. Here's an illustration:

Step 2: Count all the medium triangles.

This is the most complex part. You need to notice here that each vertex has 2 medium triangles and you simply multiply the number of vertices (9) by 2 to get 18 triangles.

Or you could count all of them one by one the old fashioned way as follows:

A little messy yes but you get the point.

Step 3: Count the small triangles.

This will give 9 triangles as follows:

Lastly, you should also count the letter A(3) and the number 4(1) since they include triangles.

This gives a total of : 3+18+9+4=34 triangles.

Did you get it?? Share to challenge your friends.

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